“I was floundering, but today my life is ‘on track’ to become an accountant. I now know how to take responsibility for my future. Future Link has given me my life back. I have a family of support."

"Everything we did in our Future Link class was strategically planned to help us start believing in ourselves and to give us the confidence to take on every opportunity that is presented to us." 


Providing academic and career supports to young adults who lack the resources and the knowledge on connecting education to a successful career

Since 2008, Future Link has passionately supported Montgomery County young adults, ages 18-25, who may lack resources or supports to help them identify a pathway towards self-sufficiency.  By teaching self-advocacy skills, exploring in-demand careers, and providing both academic and work-related resources, Future Link empowers these young adults to set a course to a sustainable, successful future.  




Maximizing potential through targeted career and education supports

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Mentor a Future Link Student

Mentors are caring professionals who serve as positive role models and help guide our young adults to make good educational and career choices.  Many of our youth do not have access to experienced professionals who can share with them how to navigate both education and career pathways.  As a mentor, you will help a young adult (aged 18-25) set realistic, measurable, achievable goals.  You are a sounding board, an advisor, a supporter.  

"I'm so happy I found Future Link when I did...

I was heading down a dark path which I know I was not going to come out of.  A friend of mine who I used to hang out with was killed 2 days ago."


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 Our 10th Anniversary Celebration

Showcasing a Decade of

Growth and Impact

Future Link, Inc. is  a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that changes the destination for Montgomery County youth who may lack resources or support but who are committed to overcoming the challenges they face.   Future Link helps them understand the why and how of their education and career.

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