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I have been an intern [at the State's Attorney's Office] and every day I go in it's a new experience and valuable time. My knowledge of the justice system on how the law interprets it has expanded and I also have a new appreciation of the work a prosecutor does. Since helping at the victim witness department for felony crimes, I get to type indictment letters to the victims of the crimes committed. I also read case files, scan reports, and sometimes call a victim or company manager that has been a victim. Every case is different, and there have been cases that make me question whether this is a possible career for me due to the violent crime committed and if I can handle learning about it. But, there have also been cases that remind me why I have that determination to help make a difference in my community. And working with attorneys whose number one goal is to let justice be served makes me believe I am around the right people. I have seen the hard work, the care, and great expertise the attorneys I work with have and I take it as inspiration to learn more about the criminal law side of criminal justice. This internship has helped me discover a possible career.               ~Moises, Future Link Spring 2014

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Working at Family Services as part of a team called Linkages to Learning was a challenge that I wanted to take on in order to explore my career path. This organization works with so many other organizations. Most of their cases focus on families in need. For example we helped new children find the right school and jobs for their parents. I had a great picture of what I am getting it to and this is just what I want.  My internship experience has been integral in pushing me beyond the safe bounds of the classroom environment to learn the ‘how’ of putting theory into practice and it gave me clear reason why social work is important for a community. There are times things have been exhausting and a little terrifying, but I’ve had amazing support from my supervisors and cannot imagine any other way that I could have learned so much in so little time. I feel that this internship has provided me with quality training and supervision in a safe and supportive environment. - Ababedo, Future Link Spring 2016

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