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What Can I Expect If I Participate in the Future Link Program?

To Focus on Your Future . . . 

Your entry point is a 15-week non-traditional seminar class which meets

every Wednesday, 4:30-7:00pm, at Montgomery College – Rockville Campus.

The spring semester runs from January to May; fall semester

runs September to December.  

  • You will discuss case studies, role play, and learn how to advocate for yourself in school and in your workplace. 
  • You will visit a corporate (business) site to learn about in-demand careers and skills needed for success. 
  • You will explore careers, learn about educational and certification requirements, and take a career skills inventory to identify your own interests.
  • You will practice and then conduct an informational interview with a professional in your career field of choice. 
  • You will establish professional connections that will help you later in your career.    
  • You will develop a resume, an “elevator speech”, and an educational and career plan.       
  • You will work within a small group (12-15) of students like yourself who will understand and support your efforts.

After successfully completing the 15-week seminar, you will have access to supports

to help you work towards your educational and career goals including: 


  • A $500 scholarship
  • A mentor
  • Additional informational interviews
  • Selective internships  
  • Numerous career-related workshops and social events with peers
  • Continued support of the Future Link family  

There is no cost to participate.  This program is free to those individuals who are committed to attending every seminar class and focusing on their future.  

We look forward to working with you and supporting you as you plan your future!

For more information on our application process, please contact:


Mindi Jacobson, Executive Director