​​​​Sara's Internship at Holy Cross Hospital

Preparing for the Future Workforce

One of the biggest challenges Sara faces is financial. Like most Future Link students, Sara’s family relies on her working to help pay the bills and she relies on financial aid to cover all of her tuition. Sara dreams of becoming a nurse. As a first-generation college student, she knew this would be a challenging road ahead but with her determination and Future Link’s support, Sara is well on her way.

Sara participated in Future Link’s paid internship program which is a critical first step on her career ladder. Future Link students, like Sara, cannot afford to work for free given the high costs of their education, living and family expenses. Future Link has converted incredible volunteer opportunities and unpaid internships into paid authentic work experiences by raising funds for internship stipends.

Holy Cross Hospital, a strong corporate partner with a robust volunteer program, has hosted 15 Future Link students to date, Sara being one of them. To enable Sara to gain this valuable experience, Future Link provides a stipend for her time. A beneficial scenario for everyone: the student, the employer and the community.

Sara said “Working as an intern at Holy Cross Hospital was an enriching experience that solidified my goal of being a nurse. I was able to work in both administrative and medical departments which included the Office's of Obstetrics, Patient Registration, Financial Counseling, Bedroom Management (Transport), Labor and Delivery, and the Acute Intermediate Care Unit. I was able to translate my experience into a paid full-time position as a Unit Support Coordinator at Shady Grove Hospital Emergency Department. I can confidently say that my paid internship made all the difference and because of this position my drive to begin my nursing career has never been higher. I thank Future Link and the hospital personnel for all the experience I gained”. Sara just started Montgomery College’s Nursing Program, a pathway program that will result in her getting a Bachelor of Science in Nursing.

Edwin's Internship at Kaplhenke Racing

An Internship Leads to a Job

An avid car enthusiast but uncertain how to translate that into a career, Edwin came to Future Link to explore his interests and map them to his strengths. He expressed an interest in a very specialized area of car design – making customized parts to enhance European cars.

As a first-generation college student and economically disadvantaged, Edwin’s unique focus presented a challenge for Future Link…who to contact for an internship...that’s where we found him an internship with Kaplhenke Racing. 

For Edwin, the internship was transformative in so many areas. “From interning at Kaplhenke Racing, I learned how to be precise when it comes to measurements, which also came in handy in my classes in school. I learned how to manage my time and be patient. I learned how to brainstorm, how to think creatively, and how to break down large projects into small tasks. I also became more outgoing and started to think like an engineer. And, I learned that it is sometimes more valuable to learn from a mistake than succeeding immediately.” Edwin’s passion is evident – when he talked about all he learned, it was as if he was a spark plug igniting! 

months, Edwin was hired as an employee of Kaplhenke Racing. The company owner, Ben Kaplan, saw that Edwin was dedicated, had gained specialized skills and knowledge, and was worth investing in long-term.

In Edwin’s case, the internship provided so many life lessons associated with deadlines, patience, customer service, and communication. Future Link paid Edwin’s internship stipend to allow him the opportunity. After three 

"Working as an intern at Holy Cross Hospital was an enriching experience that solidified my goal of being a nurse."

Internships are essential to students as they learn transferable skills, experience the corporate culture, and get to confirm (or not) their desired career choice. Sara's and Edwin's internship experience provides a window into the powerful impact an internship has on a young adult’s career path; and how Future Link supports students to intern with companies in Montgomery County.

Support for our internship program provides students like Sara and Edwin the opportunity to gain work experience, demonstrate potential, build confidence and so much more. Our student population is growing!  Please help us fund internships for students like Sara and Edwin. Your financial contribution will launch a meaning career!

The Impact of an Internship

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"From interning at Kaplhenke Racing, I ...started to think like an engineer. 

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